May 9, 2012

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Ah, and Conza’s! :)

At a recent trip to our neighborhood grocery, two members of a gay-rights organization asked me if I would sign a petition on behalf of legalizing gay marriages. My response was the same as that given to everyone else who asks my position on the topic: “Why do you want to have the state certify your relationships with others? Just perform your own ceremony of marriage without getting the state’s approval.” They just stared at me.”

— Butler Shaffer


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April 29, 2012

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March 19, 2012

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Haha :D! Just in relation to 12:20-15:30 re: ‘intermediate’ phase (i.e “market based” carbon tax). Emailed Block 09’: “I no longer support any intermediate steps to anything.” He was working at Canadian Conservative Freemarket Institute then.

February 21, 2012

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.. because of Gale Boetticher? Haha ;p

exactly ;) haha

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January 30, 2012

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I assume it’s over? Bah why do I always miss these. Any more planned?

Yes, unfortunately. I’ll message you the next time I get an email for the webcam conferences!  :)

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January 28, 2012

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Tony Montana works at the UN. How fitting.…

Hahaha that is great. If this stuff is really going on at the UN, then that makes a lot of sense for some of the decisions they’ve made in the past years.  

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