February 26, 2012


John Bolton Dodges Question; Insults Anti-War Veteran

This was easily one of the greatest moments of ISFLC. I’ve gotta admit, when this military guy started his question to former UN Ambassador (and neocon) John Bolton by saying that he was a Ranger, and that elicited applause from the crowd, I was confused for a second. Like, “what are you doing at a libertarian conference?,” and “why are we clapping about you being in the military?” But then he kept talking and I realized what the rest of the crowd apparently already knew: this guy was for real. Everyone around me had been asking, “when is someone going to ask about blowback?” and this guy did it better than anyone else could have.

And of all the people who asked questions during that taping, he was the only one who got a standing ovation. But as you’ll see in this clip, after Bolton gives a BS, cop-out answer, Fox edited in a clip of the crowd applauding so that Bolton wouldn’t look like the jackass that he is on national TV. But in actuality, he was booed pretty strongly for blatantly lying about the alleged accountability in the military and their supposed strict abidance to “military law,” whatever that means. The truth, unfortunately, is that the military is only held accountable for the atrocities it commits when information leaks and enough people get pissed off. And even then, soldiers get in trouble for killing dogs and abusing political prisoners, but never for killing reporters and other innocent people indiscriminately and destroying their homes and cities.

[PS. Check the disgusting comments on that last link so you can see what kind of country you live in, where the war propaganda machine is so effective and nationalism/jingoism so pervasive that it has succeeded in completely dehumanizing every single person who isn’t “American” to the point where we literally celebrate the massacre of “them dirty bastards” even knowing that they’re innocent.]

(Source: youtube.com)

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